Recycled Glass Jewelry – The Fashion Aficionado’s Eco Solution to Accessorizing


Recycle Your fashions Reviews
Glass is really a versatile and delightful material to make use of in many facets of our lives. But the technique of making new glass is not very eco-friendly. The original crushing and grinding from the compounds sends particulates of metals, chemicals, acids, and mud into the air, surrounding soil and ground water. The necessity for very high temperature furnaces to melt the mixture of gear is extremely energy intensive. And also the processes emit a lot of co2 along with other air-polluting compounds like nitrogen oxide, sulfur dioxide and particulates.

Recycle Your fashions Reviews
What’s promising

Glass is 100% recyclable and is reused to produce a number of objects. For each and every ton that is recycled, greater than a ton of garbage needed to create new is saved. Using cullet, or recycled pieces, takes 40% less energy than making new glass, as cullet melts in a much lower temperature. In addition, it eliminates the million year await each bottle or jar ending life in the landfill to breakdown.

Jewelry Addicts Have Eco Solution

An advanced jewelry fashion aficionado you will realise that recycling at its best may be the use of recycled glass for jewelry making. The concept is easy: take trash that will require a million many years to break down inside a landfill and switch it into exquisite items of wearable art. The process of using recycled glass for jewelry is eco aware chic. Using old windows, drink bottles, dishes, cups, and jars the fabric is changed into cullet. In a studio an artist cuts the glass, assembles the pieces in to a design, than fires it in a kiln to fuse the pieces together creating a unique design. Another artist utilizes a three foot tall magnifying glass to target sunlight (3,000 degrees!) to melt the glass. The molten glass naturally forms a stylish droplet shape.

Artists Create the Design

Each artist uses several types of recycled glass and process in creating their own unique design. The following list offers you some idea of those creative processes.

– Most readily noticed is Brand Glass Jewelry. This simply is re-using branded bottles and jars – like soda, beer, wine, and liquor bottles – working the glass pieces into different pieces of jewelry.

– One very worthwhile type is Sea Glass Jewelry. Mimicking an all-natural process, post-consumer glass is cut into pieces and sand tumbled within an artificial environment. It’s wise glass pieces seems like true sea glass.

– With using a kiln, Fused Glass Jewelry is created by using several items of recycled glass in numerous textures and colors. The glass pieces will be melted together to make a single beautiful glass piece.

– Drop Glass Jewelry utilizes a heat source to melt a recycled glass piece letting the force of gravity pull the piece into a droplet.

– Stained Glass Jewelry can be a reuse of broken glass pieces of different colors and shapes fit together inside an imaginative pattern.

– Creating a rainbow aftereffect of color, Iridized Glass Jewelry uses pieces of glass that have been given metal salts.

Bling Bling With Thoughtfulness

The buzz of recycled glass jewelry is on the rise. Earth aware artists and consumers alike recognize not merely the benefits for the environment however the beauty seen in every bit of recycled glass jewelry. Stylish jewelry designs have made recycled glass jewelry more fashionable and engaging. Simultaneously artists using recycled glass give rise to environmental protection by using materials that save 75% of recycleables and over 50% with the energy normally required to produce items from new glass. Recycled glass jewelry is a sparkling means to fix minimize a mundane problem. Ah, you will find, a Jewelry Fashion Aficionado’s imagine an eco treatment for stylish accessorizing.


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